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We’re Here for You

About Us

Barstow Pregnancy Center is a resource center founded in Barstow, California more than 26 years ago. We strive to empower pregnant women and their families by providing them with community-based resources and educational opportunities. Our organization runs on donations and volunteers, and we offer everything from pregnancy tests and baby supplies to counseling and parenting classes.


Our Mission

  • To assist expectant parents by examining and identifying support systems that will enhance the lives of infants and children
  • To offer educational opportunities that inform families and improve their decision-making skills so they can recognize opportunities with long-term benefits
  • To collaborate with other organizations in assisting expectant families
  • To increase funding through fundraisers, grants, and other sources 

Meet Our Team

Ariel Faust

Executive Director

Susan Shrum

President of the Board

Susan Shrum is a member of Academy Go and went to several training sessions.

Rochelle Himmelrick

Vice President of the Board

Martha Serrano


Terry Rogers


Gilbert Gurule

Board Member

David Tamez

Board Member

Florence Cooke

Board Member

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